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Dinosaur Cheats in Google Chrome: Speed and immortality

I think everyone has played the Dino runner at least once, which is built into Google Chrome. As a rule, it turns on if the Internet connection is lost, and then the browser itself offers a game to pass the time until the connection is restored. I don't know about you, but Dino is very addictive for me, so even when the Internet started working again, I continued to run for some time and was very upset when I crashed into obstacles and lost. I think there are some among you too. What if I tell you that you can help yourself a little by entering special cheat codes?

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It turns out that the game Dino from Google Chrome – at least in the desktop version of the browser (see – has its own cheat codes. They allow you to bypass some of the limitations of the developers and thereby ease your way to a record, which you can then brag about to friends, acquaintances and work colleagues. Just don't show your result to the boss – otherwise he will decide that instead of working, all you do is play.

How to enter a cheat on a dinosaur
It is quite simple to enter a cheat code in Dino, but a little more difficult than in some GTA:

  • Launch Google Chrome on your computer;
  • In the search bar, open the chrome page://dino;
  • Click on the right mouse button and select "View code";
  • Open the Console tab at the very top of the page;
  • Enter the command Runner.instance_.setSpeed(1000) and press Enter;
  • Enter the Runner.instance_ command.gameOver = function(){}; and press Enter.

The first code gives a speed boost. Instead of 1000, you can choose any other value. For example, 1.5 or 2, to make it more interesting to play already at the start. So you will speed up the dinosaur and it will run faster. The second cheat allows you to pass through obstacles.

That is, all those barriers, trees and pterodactyls that you usually stumble upon and lose will no longer interfere with you. You will run without stopping and in general you can just leave the dinosaur alone, without controlling it in any way, and then come and see the result achieved. However, it's not interesting to play like that.

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Therefore, I recommend only slightly increasing the speed, because on the x1000, obstacles are not even displayed on the screen (they appear only for a moment from the left edge of the screen) and turn on ghostly obstacles just in case. As a result, you will run fast enough, but at the same time you will see obstacles that you will have to jump over.

And if you suddenly make a mistake, you will not lose, but just run through them. This is a kind of safety net that will not allow you to lose at the most crucial moment. But the main part of the game needs to be played as if there really is no safety net. This will not deprive you of a pleasant impression of the whole process.

So far, these are all the cheat codes that are known at the moment, but I don't think there can be others. After all, the game is too primitive and uncomplicated to deceive her in any other way. Therefore, it is unlikely that there will be anything beyond what is already there. So enjoy what you have. And if something appears, I will definitely add it to the article.

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